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Quality Control Department
Well-trained and experienced staff make up our Quality Control Department. In addition, we use the lastest and most accurate inspection equipment available, including, the Coordinate Measuring Machines, the Zeiss Eclipse and Mitutoyo shown in the photographs above.
To ensure that we deliver a quality product our pieces go through a 3-step inspection process as described below.

First Piece Inspection
A first piece inspection shall be performed on the first piece for each of the operations identified on the router. The operator is responsible for having his first piece inspected by Quality Control personnel. The Quality Control Department shall inspect the first piece completely. Upon acceptance of the part, both the operator and the Quality Control Department shall sign off in the appropriate box on the router. In the event that the piece is rejected, adjustments will be made and the operator will resubmit his part for inspection.

In-Process Inspection
In-process inspection shall consist of periodic checks of each manufacturing operation by the operator, making sure that the individual processes are under control; thus, assuring quality and minimizing loss.

Final Inspection
All piece parts produced at Brennan Machine Co., Inc. will be subjected to a complete and final lot inspection. The Quality Control Department shall have the responsiblity of final lot acceptance. All conforming completed lots shall be forwarded to the shipping area for proper packaging and delivery. All non-conforming material shall be disposed of or properly identified. The Quality Control Department is responsible for maintaining all inspection records and will keep these records on file for a minimum of three years.